This Summer #SaveTheUndies with U By Kotex

This Summer #SaveTheUndies with U By Kotex Check Out My Summer Vacation       One thing I do not want to deal with is a messy period while I am traveling. Tenting and living out of the car leaves no room for mishaps. Unfortunately, I do not get to skip my period while we are on the road. On my Summertime #UnderWarrior adventure, U by Kotex is a must. I will not leave home with out my protection. We started our … [Read more...]

Tips For Bladder Leakage – FREE Samples

Tips For Bladder Leakage   Did you know that more than 51 million woman suffer from bladder leakage? Involuntary urine leakage is ¬†more common than the general public is aware of. Most likely, because this is a private issue for women. Well you need to know that you are not along and many others deal with the same issue as you. There are several types of incontinence that are caused for different reasons.¬† I recently discussed … [Read more...]

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