Experience Comfort With U By Kotex Panty Liners FREE Sample

Experience Comfort With U By Kotex Panty Liners    When I choose a pair of underwear it is all about comfort. When I choose a panty liner I expect comfort too. There is nothing worse than putting on a pair of underwear and having to feel uncomfortable all day long. The same goes on days I need some extra protection with a panty liner.   If I am having an uncomfy day it always shows on my face!       I am … [Read more...]

#GoCommando Go Clean with Cottonelle

This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, but my love for their CleanRipple toilet paper and Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths is all my own! #GoCommando Go Clean with Cottonelle    Why should one Go Commando? Well, there are actually a lot of different reasons one might want to ditch the undies and go commando. To start with, how about that sexy thrilling feeling you get when you tell your partner you are missing a little something … [Read more...]


Tips For Bladder Leakage   Did you know that more than 51 million woman suffer from bladder leakage? Involuntary urine leakage is  more common than the general public is aware of. Most likely, because this is a private issue for women. Well you need to know that you are not along and many others deal with the same issue as you. There are several types of incontinence that are caused for different reasons.  I recently discussed … [Read more...]

UnderWarrior Will Save The Undies – FREE Samples

 UnderWarrior Will Save The Undies - FREE Samples U by Kotex is here to stop the leaks and Save the Undies   Spring is here and with the start of the new season I can now dig out my Spring clothing that I stored last fall. Lot's of white and bright colors are the theme for my Spring wardrobe. I love the crisp, sharp look of my white pants and skirts. However, usually once a month I have to worry about a mishap, if you get my drift. I … [Read more...]

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