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Pong iPad Case Review

What makes one iPad case rise above the rest? How about a case that can actually strengthen your outbound signal and protect you from harmful radiation?  Pong is a company that creates cases for our most popular phones and tablets. These are no ordinary cases. The Pong case was created to protect us from wireless radiation. We have all heard the rumors that we know are laced with truth about harmful cellphone radiation. After reading the facts I am all in for taking a proactive stance to reduce wireless radiation exposure.

Now let’s hear some facts. Your devices emit radio frequency (RF) wireless energy. A device emits RF even when it is in standby mode. Your head and body can absorb over 50% of your smartphone’s transmitted signal during normal use (talking,pocket). The health effects of RF wireless energy on our bodies are uncertain, the FCC has recently ordered a review of its safety standards.

With all the toxins we are exposed to it does not surprise me that concern over the RF exposure from cell phones is not much talked about. Well, Pong is talking and created the Pong case to take on this matter. A Pong case actually redirects wireless energy away from your head and body, using a  micro-thin gold-plated antenna embedded inside the device. Pong is the only case proven to reduce exposure to wireless energy while also increasing outbound signal strength.


Your Pong experience starts with nice packaging and the Pong iPad case itself is very attractive. The case is made out of nice leather and the interior is a soft suede. This case is made with top quality materials. It is thin and light yet completely protects your iPad device. I really like the sharp clean look of the case.


Did you know that Pong is the only iPad case that does not cover its proximity sensor. A proximity sensor on an iPad detects if the iPad is close to the users body. When that sensor is activated it will reduce the iPad’s cellular radio output by up to 85%. This sensor does not recognize the difference between a body and other objects. So if you are not using a patented Pong case it is limiting your iPad’s antenna transmit power. Pong claims to be the only case that allows the iPads to function optimally.

The iPad fit with ease into the case and each corner snapped on to keep it secure. The case itself can be folded into four different positions. You can choose a position for typing, browsing or watching videos. The magnets in the front cover will hold the cover in different folded positions. When I first tried to fold the cover into a stand I was a little confused. Once you realize how to fold it, it becomes second nature.




The case is finely tuned for the iPad. The back of the case has a cutout for the antenna on my 4G iPad. The volume and mute switch are both accessible. There is also a cutout for the dock connector so you can charge your iPad. I think they thought of everything.

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Features I Liked
  • When you open and close the case it automatically turns the iPad on and off.
  • The inside of the case has nice inside padding to protect the iPad screen.
  • Fully covers the ipad device . All the edges are protected by the case with heavy plastic on the side.
  • Self-standing

Pong makes cases for iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones, iPad mini, Android phones and the Blackberry. Browse around the Pong website and get the best quality and technology available with your next phone/tablet case purchase. Pong’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases are now available for purchase at www.pongcase.com. Pong cases come in a rainbow of fashionable colors and styles, and may be purchased at pongcase.com and Amazon.com..

For more information, visit www.pongcase.com, like us at Facebook.com/PongCase, or follow us on Twitter @pongcase.

The Details
  • Protects you and your tablet by redirecting radiation away from you.
  • Improves performance over any other case – Sensor-friendly design allows up to 4.9x transmitted power over all other cases
  • Increases speed – 2.6x faster cellular uploads over any other case
  • Built-in Antenna Technology – A patented, wafer-thin antenna inside the case pairs automatically with the antenna inside your iPad when you snap it on.
  • Pong cases are tested and proven in the same labs that test the devices for government certification. These independent labs are certified to U.S. (FCC), European (CE), Canadian (IC) and Australian (ACA) government standards.
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Soft micro-liner interior cushions your iPad
  • Origami cover folds into multiple configurations: choose the ideal position for typing, browsing or watching videos
  • Supports automatic sleep-wake functionality on opening and closing of cover
  • Reduces your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation by up to 52%
  • Delivers better Wi-Fi reception and range.
  • Also fits iPad 2nd and 3rd generation


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