PeachSkinSheets Krazy Review


Thanks to PeachSkinSheets for providing a complimentary set of King size sheets for review. I was not paid for this review. These are my own, honest opinions.

PeachSkinSheets Krazy Review

We are talking awesome price and awesome quality when it comes to PeachSkinSheets™ . I am 100% impressed with the sheets I recently received from PeackSkinSheets. My sheets came with a personalized card and they were beautifully packaged. When I first opened the package and ran my hand over this material I was in awe. Have I mentioned how soft they are yet? Well I have now and you will hear it many times throughout this review.


These sheets claim to have many benefits. Firstly, the 1500 thread count stands out on the front of the package. But what it really says it that these sheets have the feel of a 1500 thread count. PeachSkinSheets are actually microfiber instead of cotton. The brushed finish on these sheets provides a 1500 thread count softness. After sleeping on these sheets I must agree. The material of the sheets feels like silk on your skin.


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the PeachSkinSheets is there low price in comparison to a 1500 thread count sheet set. A really high thread count set comes with a very high price. The PeachSkinSheets are only $69.95 compared to $149.95 that one would pay for 1500 thread count at your local stores. If you pick the color of the month you will pay only $50.00 for a pair of PeachSkinSheets. See the current $50 Color of the Month here.


The PeachSkinSheets claim to have deep pockets with elastic all the way around and fit up to 22″ – 24″ mattresses. When I put the sheets on my bed I found this claim to be true. I can easily slide the sheet over each corner of my mattress. There was no pulling and struggling to make the sheet stretch enough to cover my bed. The sheets fit beautifully.

The sheets I received are Beach Blue and match the light blue and white color theme of my bedroom. There are 12 colors to choose from. They even have a FREE swatch program so you can match your sheet to your bedroom decor before you buy your very own pair of PeachSkinSheets.



All of the claims made by PeachSkinSheets are prominently displayed on the website. If you are allergic to dust mites these sheets will be beneficial because they are anti-microbial. After washing my sheets there was clearly no shrinkage. While sleeping both my husband and I can attest to the breath-ability and ability of the sheets to wick away moisture. The only claim I found that I could not 100% support is the wrinkle free claim. But hey I have never really worried about my sheets having a few wrinkles under the bedspread.

If you are a sheet connoisseur you definitely need to check out Peach SkinSheets and save yourself some money while enjoying the softest of sleep. I can not think of a better Christmas present than the gift of top quality sheets with a great price. Your family & friends will think you spent over a $100 on this set of sheets.

Features I Love
  • Value, Value, Value
  • Soft and silky feel
  • No shrinkage, anti piling and deep pockets
  • Wicks away moisture and has a cooling effect on your body
  • Color Selection
In Conclusion

PeachSkinSheets are one of the best values I have found. The sheets are soft and silky to the touch. The sheets stand up to each claim made by PeachSkinSheets. There is a wide choice of colors. If you want to check them out yourself, shop here. Happy sleeping and shopping my friends!!

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