Heat Holders The Warmest Thermal Sock Review

Thanks to Heat Holders for providing two complimentary sets of Heat Holders Thermal Socks for review. I was not paid for this review. These are my own, honest opinions.

Heat Holders The Warmest Thermal Sock Krazy Review


The cold winter months are right around the corner. What better gift than some warm, comfy socks for your loved ones? I was very excited to receive these socks for a review. I live in upstate NY and a warm pair of socks are priceless around here. Whether I am sitting home, traveling or working if I am cold I am uncomfortable and not happy. I am very interested in a products that will keep me cozy warm.

My first thought when reviewing these socks were what makes these warmer than my fuzzy socks? Well let me tell you modern-day technology has created products that are amazing. The Heat Holders are one of these products. Did you know that there is a rating given to thermal clothing for its ability to keep you warm? It is called a TOG rating. These Heat Holders socks are rated at 2.34 which is higher than the 0.89 rating given to thermal socks you pick up at the local store.


Heat Holders claim to be 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. So, I did a little experiment. I wore one regular cotton sock and one of the Heat Holders socks for 3 hours. After my normal activities I really noticed that the foot adorned with the Heat Holders sock was much, much warmer than the cotton sock covered foot. I have cold wood floors and this winter I know my feet are going to stay warm with these socks.

Producing a warmer sock is based on technology and Heat Holders has implemented the newest innovative technology to offer the warmest sock around! They use advanced insulating yarn, long looped thermal pile and a soft brushed inner lining. When I tried on these socks I was very impressed with how soft and silky they felt inside.


If you want to stay warm and comfortable then I highly recommend these socks for the colder days ahead. When it comes to keeping warm I am the queen. I will be wearing these socks all winter. If you have to work outside then you must get some of the Heat Holders gear. This product line has hats, gloves and socks for women, men and kids. I will be expressing some Christmas love to my family by buying everyone some warm socks for the holidays.

For woman Heat Holders makes Long Leg socks to keep you cosy & warm in the snow. They offer tights, gloves, hats, mittens, slippers and of course short and long socks to keep us toasty warm. I will be getting a pair of long length socks for my granddaughter. She loves to play in the snow and will come only when she is cold. These socks are going to help her stay out longer for some great old fashion snow playing fun. You will find prices are very reasonable for Heat Holders products. I have spent plenty of money on crappy socks. These are a great value.

Make sure you visit  www.heatholders.com and grab some awesome gifts for the upcoming holidays. They offer Free shipping to the USA if you buy two or more products. FREE shipping to Canada with orders of $40 or more.


Visit Heat Holders Facebook page and like them for some great weekly giveaways. Follow them on Twitter and give them some love. Don’t miss out on their awesome contests.


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