Brothers-All-Natural Freeze-Dried 100% FRUIT Review

Thanks to Brothers-All-Natural for providing a complimentary sampler pack of Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks for review. I was not paid for this review. These are my own, honest opinions.

Brothers-All-Natural Freeze-Dried 100% FRUIT Review



The family and I were very excited to give all the Brothers-All-Natural snacks a try! Well I have to say I love these products!! There is a wide variety of flavors and products available to choose from. If I was asked which one was my favorite I would be hard pressed to pick just one.

Finally an inexpensive healthy snack that my entire family can enjoy. I say this for a few reasons. My favorite thing about this snack is the wide variety of fruit flavors available to the consumer. The fruit crisps come in strawberry, sliced strawberries and bananas, Asian pears, Fuji apple, pineapple chunk, mixed fruit which has cantaloupe,raspberries & blackberries and last but not least my particular favorite fruit cluster Fuji apple & cinnamon. All of the Brothers-All Natural Freeze Dried Fruits products are also Gluten free, Kosher products made in a peanut free environment with real fruit and no hormones or sugars are added. There is 6 fruit servings per bag!

At last a snack you can eat and serve to your children and grandchildren without feeling guilty that it had to be quick or that you didn’t spend all day preparing it. The convenient resealable pouch like bags that the fruit comes in is another bonus because it helps with keeping fruit fresh on the run and can be stored just about anywhere, car, purse, locker, book bag or desk.

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Another thing I love to do with Brothers-All-Natural Freeze-Dried fruit snacks is to add it to bulk granola along with some raisins, nuts and Chex or Cheerios  cereal as this combo makes for a great snack for the entire family! For Christmas this year, these snacks are going to take the place of sugary candies used as stocking stuffers in the past. There is nothing better than a tasty, healthy, snack filled with love!

Make sure you visit Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Snacks and give them a try. Every month they have a Fruit of the Month that will save you an extra 15% off the price!! You and your family are going to love them!



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