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This is a review for the Strider ST-4 bike. You can visit the STRIDER Bikes Website here at and follow them on Facebook here

We were so excited when the Strider Bike arrived in it’s box on our doorstep. This is going to be the best Birthday present ever!! My granddaughter received this Strider Bike for her second birthday. After the Strider Bike arrived came the dreaded  assembly or so we thought. When we opened the box there were only three pieces.  It literally took us all of 10 minutes to put the bike together.  Assembly was easy and we did not need any extra tools.


After assembly came the big day. Children of all ages love to get a new bike for their birthdays! My granddaughter Lil’ Gracie was no exception. As soon as we rolled the bike into the room she dropped the other new toys she was playing with and ran over to climb aboard. All the other toddlers in the room lit up and everyone wanted a turn. Best birthday present ever!!


I was curious to see how she would handle a bike at the young age of two. Since there was no worry of lifting her feet or reaching the floor, she got right on and started moving. Strider ST-4 bikes are designed with a No-Pedal concept. I could see how the Strider bike boosted her confidence as there was no fear with her feet firmly on the ground.  The Strider ST-4 Bike is a scientifically proven tool that encourages the development of balance and basic motor skills that all children need to develop.


The Strider ST-4 bike is one of the smallest and lightest kids bikes around. This particular bike is suitable for kids aged 18 mos. to 5 years old. The seat and handle bars are adjustable and can grow with your child. The bike comes in a wide range of colors. I chose yellow so that the next grandchild, boy or girl, can use this wonderful bike too!! The following specifications are what make this bike perfect for a toddler.


– 6.7 lbs.
– Toddler sized mini-grips
– Seat height from 11-16″
– Quick clamps on handlebar and saddle
– 12″ molded wheels

The snow has finally melted and we were able to take the bike outside and give my granddaughter, Grace, a real try at riding her bike. She loves to get on it but is a little hesitant when getting off the bike. Just look at these pictures and you can see her face change from a little worry to the joy of riding her first bike!!


Mom and grandpa are there to assist if needed…she did not need them after one minute! Even the dog was excited for her!


She is doing it!! Look at the happiness on her face. Kids love to be independent and the Strider bike is definitely boosting her independence and confidence.


I highly recommend this bike for a young child. The Strider bike has given Grace the confidence she needs to start riding a bike. She has learned how to balance in just a few days and is no long worried when dismounting from the bike. Grandma & Grandpa are the best in her eyes for this wonderful birthday present!!

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