Make A Personalized Crayon Wreath

Crayon Wreath


Staggered  Style

Make A Personalized Crayon Wreath. This is a fun craft to make! You can make one for your child’s teacher and they can help. You can use Christmas ribbon and make it for the holidays or personalize for anyone!!

Supplies – 

You will need a box of 64 and 12 crayons ( you will have a couple left over)

(2) cross stitch rings..I used a 12 in n 8 in


3d Stickers

Letter Stickers

Regular school glue


Directions –

Place the smaller ring inside the bigger one. Then take bottom of crayons and line it up to the inside ring. I did staggered style here but also I did a straight style. For the staggered style just move crayon down towards center past ring a little bit (it takes some time getting them straight so I would practice without glue first time doing this). Apply glue and let dry. I usually flip it over and place some more glue on each crayon on the back side for more security. Let glue dry. Then place your stickers where ya want. Take the ribbon and put it thru the metal on top that you use to tighten cross stitch ring and hot glue the ends.

Then I make a cute little bow on top as well so it hangs thru the middle of wreath…here’s both styles

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