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SugarLeaf™ is a natural low-calorie sweetener great for baking and cooking. Made by bonding SweetLeaf Stevia® with cane sugar, SugarLeaf™ offers a delightfully sweet taste, but has 2/3 fewer calories and carbohydrates than sugar! I’m a sweets eater so I was glad that the SweetLeaf Stevia Sugar Leaf came my direction when it did. Here are the three main dishes we tried Sweet Leaf Sugar Leaf in and it is now replacing regular “sugar” in our house.

Almond Delight
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Mr. SMSL created the Almond Delight by using the food processor. It was a creamy delicious blend of cream cheese, almonds and SweetLeaf Sugar Leaf. He put a handful of almonds, strawberry cream cheese (low fat) and teaspoon of sugar just to make it a little bit sweeter. We ate it on graham crackers as well as plain. It was enough sweet and salty both to satisfy our cravings one day.


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Our daughter has a Smoothie every day fro breakfast but doesn’t like to give up her sugar. As you can see here we added frozen strawberries that I froze myself so there weren’t any preservatives, Sweet Leaf Sugar Leaf and a container of lowfat vanilla yogurt. It was the perfect blend for her smoothie and she didn’t even realize it wasn’t “real sugar” in her smoothie!! This is the best sugar substitute product I have had in awhile!!



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Strawberries with Sweet leaf Sugar Leaf on them, it was delicious and not as grainy as regular sugar tends to be. After we had a few strawberries with sugar we opted for a Strawberry Shortcake of sorts with whipped cream, white cake, and strawberries mixed together to make a delicious dessert. We used the dessert below for a picnic with my husband’s family, and they devoured it. No one was any the wiser that it wasn’t real sugar and I knew I was getting them to eat healthier so it was a win, win!!



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